Ag Pellets Logistics

Ag pellets are a key component to decarbonize industrial activities, and a team of Biomass Canada researchers at the Universities of British Columbia and Saskatchewan led by Shahabaddine Sokhansanj has recently published a paper (read here) focused on the logistics of production and supply for this commodity of growing importance. Small pellet, big impact!


Developing Sustainable Biomass Management in Canada

Read this article by BMC summarizing the latest activities. Read here

Our path to Net Zero Campaign

Read this series of articles featuring examples of the bioeconomy serving climate protection. To read the series, click here

November 14 Symposium

The Biomass Cluster will co-host the one-day joint Biomass symposium with Canadian Society of Agronomy
The symposium will be held on Nov 14 from 8:00 am to 5:30 p.m.

  1. If you only attend the biomass Symposium,  you should select “Single-day Registration: $325 + HST”
  2. If you plan to attend other events, you can select the listed events you will attend
  3. Please note that there is no student rate for attending one-day symposium
  • Hotel:

Hotel name: Marriott Harbourfront, Halifax

Deadline to book October 31, 2022. conference rate $149 CAD per night

Hotel online book link.

Or call the hotel directly: 1-800-943-6770 and use the code CWSCWSR

BioMass Canada Cluster 2023-2028 Renewal Letter Of Intent

The BioMass Canada Cluster has called for Letters of Intent (LOI) from those wishing to contribute to our application to the AgriScience Program Renewal (2023-2028). Deadline was January 24, 2022. For any questions, contact Dr. Xiaomin Zhou (

Using leftover canola meal for energy

Listen to the January 9, 2022 CBC Radio interview with Prof. Ajay Dalai

See the January 8 Global News TV interview with Prof. Ajay Dalai

2021 and before:

Building the Bioeconomy

Biomass Canada –  Fuelling the Canadian Bioeconomy

Low-cost Sorghum Biomass

If you’ve offered farmers a low-cost, high production crop, they may respond with a simple question: What’s the catch?

The three major challenges in the 21st century are ensuring food security, adapting to and mitigating climate change, and finding alternate and sustainable sources of energy.

High Hopes for High Energy Production

Spinning straw into gold may be a fairy tale but converting Canadian agricultural biomass into high energy products and biochar is an attainable goal.

A chicken and egg story

5 questions to Steven Fabijanski


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